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Like for a starter. I am bored as hell. 

October 19 | 8:47 | 1♥

Send me Anonymous messages as my muse’s child!


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  • "What are you saying?"
  • "You left me."
  • "You broke my heart!"
  • "I don’t love you."
  • "You’re beautiful when you smile."
  • "Don’t pout"
  • "Stop crying."
  • "You did this."
  • "I’m just a fuck up."
  • "Get out!"
  • "I think I accidentally walked into a gay bar."
  • "Don’t call me."
  • "I won’t call you."
  • "Call me."
  • "You’re making this harder than it has to be."
  • "I’m not breaking up with you."
  • "You’re breaking up with me."
  • "That’s so cliche."
  • "I think I’m sick."
  • "I’m a little drunk."
  • "Stop making this so hard."
  • "Are you following me?"
  • "There’s no such thing as a sexy bathroom."
  • "Stop being a wimp."
  • "I’m not ticklish."
  • "Stop touching me."
  • "If you poke me one more time, I’m going to punch you."
  • "I should hate you."
  • "On a scale from one to Romeo and Juliet, how bad was that story?"
  • "You can’t lie to me."
  • "This is the worst idea ever."
  • "This is stupid."
  • "You’re an idiot."
  • "You’re being ridiculous."
  • "I don’t eat chocolate."
  • "It’s just rain."
  • "I said no, that means no."
  • "Come watch the stars with me."
  • "It’s not a date."
  • "It’s totally a date."
  • "Your kiss is like poison."
  • "I’m not leaving this bed."
  • "I’m never showing my face to the outside world again."
  • "That was so embarrassing." 
  • "There’s so much idiocy in this room."
  • "You make it hard to breath."
  • "I want a pet."
  • "We could always just get wasted."
  • "Come play video games with me."
  • "Come have a Netflix date with me."
  • "Use protection!"
  • "Do you even hear what you’re saying?"
  • "Just shut up."
  • "I’m not good with small children."
  • "If I never teach my kids how to shoot a marshmallow shooter, I have failed as a parent."
  • "I’m pretty sure that’s my shirt."
  • "We could always just make out?"
  • "I have a date with an ice cream carton and on demand movies."
  • "Give me a chance. Or at least like, half a chance."
  • "You’re acting all Edward Cullen-ish, and it’s making me uncomfortable."
  • "We could always play truth or dare?"
  • "You’re on a roll tonight, aren’t you?"
  • "You’re a problem."
  • "I’d be so content with never seeing you again."
  • "I think I saw you in a dream once."
  • "If I had to choose between talking to you and having to eat a cup of screws, I’d probably still go with the screws."
  • "I didn’t mean to break it."
  • "I don’t know, but I probably had sex with him/her."
  • "Stop being a judgy asshole."
  • "I can’t control that!"
  • "This was a natural response."

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I’m here. Does anyone want me or should I just not bother?

October 19 | 8:09

Seeing Red||In Heat||



Her eyes flashed to a golden color as she looked down at him. The smile shrinking a bit, a light and playful growl sounding out before she nipped at him again. “Oh i would love to see you try Doctor. See just how cat like you can be” 

XI’s smile faded entirely, his green eyed gaze unwavering. Summoning his swiftest reflexes, he surged up and sideways, dislodging Aluzka from her position atop him. He rolled off the sofa with her onto the floor and landed above her, palms flat either side of her head. Ignoring the urge to use words, he gave a playful warning snarl.

A slight gasp escaped her as she was sent to the floor. Of course she half expected him to do something as such. Staring up at him, she took a moment to raise a brow and smirk. 

"Ohh you think you’re slick do you?" She brought up a leg to caress against him. Purring up at him then, she giggled playfully. “‘m sure you can do better’n that" 

October 19 | 8:08 | 23♥ | ask-xi

Closed // aluzkarou



She had so much to say to him but at the mention of others she went rigid. Freezing as she finally took her eyes off of him and looked around. 

"Who else is on board?" She asked, not wanting to but her heart began to race. "Who the hell else is on this ship???" She didn’t mean to shout but she did. Her heart was pounding now as she thought of the possibilities. 

"Look I don’t care what you do to me but no one else needs to get hurt. Let them go. Whoever they are" 

Her response made him giggle, the pull and surge of her emotions sending him a pleasant tingle.    The mad light in his eyes danced as he watched her move.    “Just a couple of toys I picked up.   One’s in a room that only I can open.  The other is in her own little loop to run around in.”

With a tilt of his head, Hyde continued, a slow drawl to it.   “Well, if you want to entertain me, you’ll keep me from turning my attentions to them.” 

His lips curved further into a mad smile.   “They, like you, happen to be friends of your Doctors.    And if you are all very good,  you may survive the experience, and get a chance to see them again.”

"Toys…." She scoffed and took a step forward. Her eyes flashed to a crimson red as she looked him over. "You’re sick, though I shouldn’t be surprised there are still things like you around." 

Memories of her slave master popped into her head and she felt a pang of fear strike through her. Something about this man reminded her of him and that was not something she liked. Without another movement she slumped in her spot. 

"What do you want from me? I’ll keep you entertained, as long as you leave the others alone" 

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My tag is broken. Who tagged me??

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